Information and testing services for chronic pain and TMJ

     Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent, most devastating and most costly

medical disorders.  Chronic pain afflicts millions of people in the U.S. and around the

world, causing untold suffering.  Estimates are that one in three Americans suffer from

chronic or recurrent pain problems.  Chronic back pain and headaches are among the

most common, along with pain associated with diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and

other medical conditions.

     Chronic pain often causes multiple losses:

      Loss of health and the pain free state                              Loss of self-esteem

      Loss of mobility and the ability to be active                      Disruption or loss of important relationships

      Loss of ability to work and loss of job                               Loss of emotional stability and sense of well-being

      Loss of financial security                                                  Loss of hope

      Chronic pain poses significant challenges to both patients and their families, as well as to healthcare providers who attempt to help them.

     The patient with chronic pain is, more often than not, confronted by a bewildering array of serious difficulties impacting many aspects of their life.  This usually results in multiple, complex consequences, some not very obvious, that both confound the original pain problem and make it extremely difficult for the pain sufferer to know what to do.  Finding a well trained and knowledgeable physician familiar with this area of medicine may not always be easy.  Treatment failures can contribute to increasing discouragement, confusion, depression, skepticism regarding getting help and loss of hope.

     Armed with the proper information, patients can benefit from many self-help approaches to better manage their chronic pain problem.  Research including reading books, internet resources, journals and publications from relevant organizations can produce a great deal of general information about effective management techniques for chronic pain. 

     However, the most effective self-help methods for a given individual must be based on the individual pain patient's specific history and set of experiences.  Targeted, well focused, and effective pain management approaches can only be developed after a comprehensive evaluation that looks at the whole patient, not just their pain.  Short of an evaluation by a well trained pain specialist, such an evaluation is not easy to come by. 

     This is where the Chronic Pain Battery (CPB) – Patient Version becomes highly relevant.


The Chronic Pain Battery™ (CPB)

     The CPB is one of the most comprehensive computerized evaluation and management tools for chronic pain.  It has been used by Pain Specialists and other healthcare professionals in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Dentistry, Physical and Occupational Therapy and Nursing, working in Pain Clinics, Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Industry and private practices.  It has often been used for consultative, Worker’s Compensation and Disability evaluations.

     The CPB collects a wide variety of essential information and performs a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, assessment of the chronic pain problem. The results are presented in an easy to read CPB Report including specific recommendations, to consider and for informational purposes only, for taking further action based on the patient's actual set of circumstances and experiences.  It addresses both the pain and medical, psychological, behavioral and social components of the pain problem necessary for optimal management by the patient and clinician.

     Pain Patients  For the first time, the CPB is now available for individuals experiencing chronic pain to take on their own home computer.  The results are entirely confidential with no identifying information being collected or reported.  Those who take the CPB immediately receive their CPB Report on-line along with complimentary access on this website, at no charge, to a three (3) hour audio program  entitled  “Cope with Pain.” This audio program was created specifically for patients having chronic pain and discusses, in detail, many critical aspects of this problem along with self-help approaches to consider for effective pain management. 

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