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Chronic Pain Battey (CPB)™ -Patient Version


Important:  The Chronic Pain Battery should only be taken by someone who is 18 years or older who is having chronic pain that is not related to malignant disease.

     To protect your privacy, no identifying information will be collected or reported.  You will create a User Name and Password so you can Log on to complete the CPB or Log on at a later time to finish or retrieve your results.

     The Chronic Pain Battery (CPB)™ collects extensive information and produces the CPB Report that covers many critical areas of your problem, as shown below:

     •Test validity and patient reporting style                            
     •  Past and Present Pain History
     •  Pain Description and Intensity Ratings
     •  Pain Treatment History
     •  Medication and Drug History
     •  Medical History
     •  Personality-Pain Coping Style
     •  Patient Goals
     •  Psychosocial Factors
        -Psychological Dysfunction
        -Thought Disorder

     •  Support System and Interpersonal Relationships
        -Relationship with Health Providers

     •  Behavioral – Learning Factors
        -Prior Models
        -Illness Behavior Reinforcement

     •  Patient Expectations and Goals

     In order for your chronic pain problem to be thoroughly evaluated, a great deal of information is obviously needed.  The Chronic Pain Battery™ will collect much of this information including an extensive history of your pain problem and how it is affecting you in many different areas of your life.  It may take you an hour or more to complete all the questions.  It is important to take your time, to read each question carefully, and to be as accurate and honest as possible.  If you cannot finish the CPB in one sitting you can save your results and return at a later time with your User Name and Password to finish.

    When you finish the CPB, your CPB Report will be immediately ready for you to read.  We strongly recommend that you Print and Save your Report as soon as it is ready.  In any event, this must be within 10 days as your information and CPB Report will be deleted from this website after that time for security purposes.  You will be the only one who has access to your results and it will be your sole responsibility regarding who you make it available to, if anyone.

Click here to see an example of the CPB Report-Patient Version™  [click here]

     It is important for you to understand that the accuracy of the results and findings in your CPB Report are based on the information you provide. No test such as this can always be 100% accurate in all situations.  The statements, descriptions and recommendations in your CPB Report are based on inferences and probabilities, and therefore are suggestive rather than conclusive and should be understood and viewed in that context.  No decisions or actions related to your pain problem should be based solely on the results of the CPB.  It is always important to discuss all questions, concerns or possible actions regarding your medical problems with your health provider(s).

     By purchasing the CPB you will be agreeing to be solely responsible for the use of any information obtained from the CPB or from this website and that neither Pain Resource Center, Inc. nor any of its officers, board of directors, owners or employees are responsible, or have any liability, to the test taker or anyone else for any decisions made or actions taken based on the results of the CPB or information from this website.


 To see sample questions, which you can answer, please click on [Sample Questions]


     Some important things to know about the Chronic Pain Battery (CPB)-Patient Version:

     •  The CPB requires you indicate your gender (male, female) for scoring and generation of your CPB Report.
     •  You need to set aside at least 1 hour or more to complete the CPB.
     •  It is strongly recommended that you try to complete the test and Save/Print your CPB Report in one sitting.    

     •   Your CPB Report will be permanently removed from this website after 10 days with no further access.
     •  The cost of the on-line CPB-Patient Version is far below usual fees for the CPB by most healthcare providers.

     •  Purchasing the CPB-Patient Version includes access to the three (3) hour audio program “Cope with Pain."
     •  The CPB, while ususally highly useful, cannot replace a thorough evaluation by a pain specialist..

     •  By purchasing the CPB you agree to be soley responsible for the use of any information obtained from its use.

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