Information and testing services for chronic pain and TMJ

What advantages does the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Version offer?

     A substantial advantage is that you can obtain the results of this assessment tool at your convenience, in the privacy of your own home , at a relatively low cost compared to professional fees often associated with the CPB.  The resulting information may help you begin to better understand and manage your chronic pain problem.


Why is there a charge for the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Version?

     The charge for this service is necessary to help offset, in part, the substantial costs of developing and maintaining the internet capabilities of this assessment tool.


Why should I take the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Version at this time?

     By acting now and making a small investment in your health you may obtain valuable information that may more quickly help you make informed and better decisions regarding your chronic pain problem.


Is the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Verson different from other similar assessment tools?

     We are not aware of any other patient-focused, online, self-administered assessment tool for chronic pain that comprehensively evaluates the wide range of topics covered by the CPB-Patient Version and produces specific recommendations for effective pain management.


Are any special skills required to use the CPB-Patient Version?

     No special or technical skills, outside of basic internet capabilities, are required.  All of the technical requirements of this complex assessment tool are built into the scoring and logic programs, which are entirely hidden and run automatically behind the scene.


What is Pain Resource Center, Inc.?

     Pain Resource Center, Inc. is a research based company founded and incorporated in 1982.  Its primary mission has been to conduct extensive research leading to the development of highly effective assessment and management tools and educational programs, for both clinicians and patients, in the field of chronic pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.  This effort, ongoing since its inception, has led to the development of several widely used assessment and management tools including the Chronic Pain Battery™, the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Version™, the TMJ Scale™, the TMJ Scale-Patient Version™ and TMJ/Compare™.  More information about the TMJ related tools can be found at .  Educational programs currently available include the three (3) hour audio program "Cope With Pain" designed for patients and available on this website at no charge (normally $19.95) for those taking the Chronic Pain Battery-Patient Version™, and the 7 1/2 hour audio program "The Chronic Pain Patient-Theory, Evaluation and Treatment" available to clinicians at