Information and testing services for chronic pain and TMJ


Terms and Conditions

          These ‘Terms and Conditions’ are designed to maximize the accuracy and usefulness of the CPB and to protect your privacy and our liability.  You agree to the following by purchasing the Chronic Pain BatteryTM-Patient Version: 

·         The CPB-Patient Version is designed to produce highly useful predictions regarding the presence, severity and impact of a non-malignant chronic pain disorder.  It will only be used for pain not caused by malignant disease.

             Since no diagnostic screening test can always be 100% accurate, you will use the information and statements in the CPB Report you receive, including the recommendations, as suggestions to consider and for informational purposes only rather than conclusions, and no final decisions or actions you take regarding your problem will be based solely on the results included in the CPB Report.
·         Regardless of test results it is always advisable to consider seeking professional help for symptoms or concerns about a problem you are experiencing. Therefore, while we believe this test may be very helpful to you, you will not use it as a substitute for a thorough evaluation by a healthcare provider or pain specialist when that seems appropriate.

·          You are at least 18 years of age.

·          You will do your best to supply complete and accurate answers to all test questions which will be analyzed and used to create a CPB Report for you to read and use.  Inaccurate answers will reduce the test’s accuracy and excessive omissions may prevent the test from being properly analyzed and scored.

·         The CPB Report is confidential and does not require your name or identify who you are.  A unique ID number will be printed on your Report as the only identification. 

·         You will try to set aside at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time to take the test.

·         You agree to supply your gender (male or female) on the CPB test and if you do not, your CPB test cannot be scored, you will not receive a CPB Report and there will be no refund.

·         The CPB is designed to be completed in one sitting.  If you are unable to complete it, you can finish it later by Logging On with your unique User ID and Password.  However, the longer you wait to complete the test once you start it, the lower its accuracy may be.

·         You will attempt to Save and Print the on-line Report you receive immediately after completing the test.  If that is not possible at that time, you will have 10 days to Log back on to Save and Print your CPB Report.  After that time your test answers and  CPB Report will be permanently removed from the website and no longer accessible.

·         By purchasing the CPB-Patient Version you will also have access, on this website at no further charge, to a three (3) hour audio program for patients entitled “Cope with Pain”.

·         Your purchase of the CPB-Patient Version is solely for the service provided by this website allowing your on-line responses to the questions and formulation of those responses into a report for informational purposes only.  There are no other expressed or implied Warranties.  Your purchase of the CPB-Patient Version does not suggest or establish a health-organization or health-provider relationship, or any associated or additional duties, responsibilities or obligations, between the owners and operators of this service and the purchaser and/or user of this service or any other related parties.

          You will not use the results of the CPB as medical advice but rather for informational purposes only. You will not use the results of the CPB as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and you will not ignore professional medical advice regarding treatment because of something you have read in the CPB Report.  If you think you may have a medical emergency, you will immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

·         You agree that you are solely responsible for the use of any information you obtain from this test or from this website and that neither Pain Resource Center, Inc. nor any of its officers, board of directors, owners or employees have any responsibility, to you or any other parties, for your subsequent decisions regarding your health care and will not be held liable for any decisions or actions you may take based on the results of this test.

If you have read, understand and agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’
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